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  • Revolution LE Blue Octopus photo 2016 - Mother colony for reference only.
  • Revolution LE Blue Octopus photo 2016
  • Revolution LE Blue Octopus photo from 2012 Under MH.

Revolution LE Blue Octopus - 1" Frag

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Price is per 1" frag. This is a cut to order item. Picture is for reference only.

This rare deepwater beauty is blueish/purple on the coralites, resembling octopus suckers. Under lower lights the body turns neon green. 

Mother nature never seize to amaze. This deepwater acropora acquired in July of 2012 by Leo Chen from a Indonesia shipment. As a mini wild colony, it came in pale and colorless. However, there was potential in the unique blueish color in the coralites. As it grew, the branches of the colony begin to twist growing more typical of staghorn formation.  It also began show vibrant colors. It has distinct blue coralites resembling octopus suckers and florescent green body.  

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