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Introducing the Revolution Eternal Flames Acropora - Never give up!

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Farming corals is tough. To do it as a business, even tougher. The challenge is a combination of resources, luck, and skills (skills of all kinds, not just reefing skills but social and business skills). But all 3 require time and effort. All of which are out there for the taking. But over time one can always catch a little luck. The following is a case of luck and persistence. 

I first acquired a colony of this coral around March of 2014. At the time, it did not look good coming from the wholesaler. I can recognize that it was a red coral and I wanted to try to farm more corals like the Mighty Dragon, which is also red. I took a chance and brought it back to my holding tanks. At the time I was still honing my skills on keeping the deepwater acros not only thriving but colorful. Some experiments at the time while insightful caused some corals to die. And so this one did start to die rapidly. Luckily during mounting a 1/4 inch tip broke and I glued it on to a small frag plug and left it in the frag tank. 

Revolution Eternal Flames original conlony

 Revolution Eternal Flames original colony pictured above - March 13th, 2014

I had completely forgotten about the frag that was left in the corner and on July 8th, 2014 (nearly 4 months later), it looked like this below. I was pleasantly surprised trying my hardest to remember where this coral came from. I also took a picture which I shared on Facebook (www.facebook.com/coralrevolution). Obviously there was not enough branches to make any frags, so it was left in the corner once again.

Revolution Eternal Flames 1/4 frag encrusted - July 8th, 2014

Nearly another year goes by. Among the many shuffles of expanding my farming operation. More tanks were purchased and more reorganizing. I must have reorganized all of my corals a half dozen times trying to keep track of everything, plus not to mention the tank splits causing some emergency measures.

Again I've forgotten this little old friend until last night. While snapping a couple of pictures of customer's frags, with camera in hand, I snapped a quick picture sans tripod. It's now July 1st 2015, I'm happy to introduce The Revolution Eternal Flame. 

Revolution Eternal Flames - July 1st, 2015

This is truly a labor of passion & love and thank God for the good luck. 

We will of course proceed to release frags of this in the coming weeks. Please follow us on Facebook.com/coralrevolution to get the fastest updates. 

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